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This Peace is For You - Giveaway - New Release
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Just Released - 

"This Peace is For You - A 30-day journey to find more personal peace and freedom in your life."

Most people don't know this little secret:

“You can't get without first giving.”

These wise words from Napoleon Hill come from much older, very common observations of natural law. It's been written many ways, the Golden Rule being one of the most known – but this principle is found in one version or another in all the major philophies, religions, and belief-systems across this wide world, throughout history.

If you want more peace in your life, the first thing to do is to give away 10 copies of this book. Seriously.

Because you can't get without giving.

If you want peace for yourself, you're going to have to give the chance to others. And in this very turbulent, information-saturated world – every one of your friends and acquaintances will need all the chances they can get.

The second thing to do is to set some time aside daily, and study one chapter each day (at least once.) Consider what you studied just before droppign off to sleep. In the morning, consider it again before rising. Wake up a little earlier than usual to give you the time you need.

At the end of 30 days, you'll have considered new data which has helped you develop ways for peace in your life.

That's what this book has been developed for – just to bring you the tools you need to enhance your native ability to generate your own peace.

The point of this book is to create a movement which envelopes the world. If everyone gave 10 books away, it would quickly spread exponentially to all people everywhere.

When just a small percentage of the world's population is enabled to generate and stay at peace all the time, then a permanent World Peace will form. Already, despite the news' agencies, terrorists, and dictator's best efforts, we have more peace now than ever before.

Let's make the entire world safe for everyone in it. Pass this around freely.

- - - -

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