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Earl Nightingale’s – On Success – Strangest Secret

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review Earl Nightingale’s – On Success – Strangest Secret During my childhood, I would infrequently get to hear the short, educational, and highly entertaining radio show, “Our Changing World” by Earl Nightingale. And I was entranced – yet, like so many of our energetic youth, I was soon onto other interests and activities. While I later wondered at times what became of that program, again – middle age and making a living soon pushed such concerns out of my mind.

When I found myself counseling and consulting for a living, my professional studies soon took me into the best selling authors and personalities of this field. Soon I had discovered Nightingale’s “Strangest Secret”, which had been a popular continuing best seller since my birth – and which had spawned an entire industry.

I was amazed that this one recording had created that effect. But in studying the material it contained, it was soon no surprise.

Nightingale had put his finger on a very vibrant pulse of humankind – and found what made it tick and how it could improve any condition it was experiencing through thought alone.

So it is with great pleasure that I found this edition of “On Success” and edited it for a new reading audience.

If you are a fan of Nightingale’s, you’ll probably see many essays you’ve heard through his recordings. Now to see these in text, you can have these same tips at your fingertips, to review over and over – as many times as needed – to help you on your way to achieving your own success.

For that was the one goal Nightingale strove after – to educate and inform as many people as possible about the many techniques they could use to make themselves an unqualified success in whatever they chose to do. He studied, wrote, and produced many classic essays through his radio show and his many recordings – as well as published works in a variety of articles.

Paperback, 237 pages

Printed trade paperback version of On Success with "Strangest Secret" full transcript may be purchased from my storefront.

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