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Top bestseller fiction book list almost complete
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Your Writers' Club Book Selections are almost all ready...

Been hard at this recently, getting all your books ready. Just 4 more to go at this point.

Then, I'll come back and start telling you about each and every one. In doing that, I'll polish them up a bit more (doing double-checks, etc.) as well as publishing other formats, such as their PDF version and spiral-bound printed Study Guide version.

All so you can study (and enjoy) these classics to your heart's content.

I also owe you a blow-by-blow how-to on setting out on such an adventure on your own. Not for the faint-at-heart, nor those who dislike hands-on marketing your own books. (That might even wind up as an additional chapter for "Just Publish! Ebook Creation for Indie Authors." Ya gotta love how books can be revised and updated when you control your own publishing process...)

Just wanted to drop you a note about things - and let you know to get ready to start your studies.

If you want to see what I've been up to, the link is:

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