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Lester Levenson – Releasing Your Way to Personal Freedom

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Lester Levenson, discoverer of the Releasing Technique.

Lester Levenson was sent home to die at the age of 42. The doctor gave him days, weeks at most.

He had been a success at nearly everything he tried.  Brilliant, he earned a full scholarship and received several degrees.  Turning his hand to manufacturing, mining, and sales, all his businesses usually turned out successful as long as he was running them directly.

Yet, his health continued to worsen, almost to spite all his success.  Chronic migraines, perforated ulcers, and major coronaries (heart attacks) – these finally led his doctor to tell him to simply go home and rest.  With the medicine at that time, he was told that any effort could be his last.

 Lester Levenson   Releasing Your Way to Personal FreedomSo he was left with only his mind to work things out.  Throwing away all that he had studied in school, he started simply analyzing himself from the inside out.  In three months, he worked out what was bothering him and incidentally solved his health problems as well.

What he discovered left him in such a high state that it took many years of study after that, studying all manner of religious and philosophical texts just to understand what he had achieved.

This breakthrough is discussed in the recent release, “Freedom Is – (period.)

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